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A Pizza The Action

A Pizza The Action Book Front Cover - correctedIn these well-organized pages you’ll quickly discover more than a dozen rules revealing 54 vital lessons as told through a series of spell-binding real-life stories of a young man who becomes a young businessman as he works in his grandparents’ pizza stand at the Erie County Fair.

“It was the mid-’70s, and for the next decade
life in the pizza stand at the Erie County Fair was nirvana.
I thought I could work there forever.
But life happens.
Eventually, it was my turn to transition
from full-time student to full-time worker.
I thought I could do both.
I couldn’t.
And I shouldn’t.
Life moves on.
From one generation to the next.
The greatest gift the older generation can give to the younger
is to share the secrets to its success and cultivate the next generation
so it can stand – and succeed – on its own.
That was the final lesson – the lesson of giving,
And I learned it this way…”

– Chris Carosa, author, A Pizza The Action